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      • Harris 25GX Gas Regulator - Patriot Welding Supply, LLC

        25GX Industrial Regulator

        The gold standard of industrial regulators: ergonomic, durable and proudly manufactured in America. And since every regulator is 100% tested every time, you don’t have to worry about leakage or performance.

      • Harris flow meter regulator - Patriot Welding Supply

        Flowmeter Regulator Model 355

        With a one-piece, encapsulated seat design with an internal filter and PFTE Teflon® seat, this durable-easy-to-read flow tube and cover incorporates a regulator and flowmeter into one compact unit.

      • Harris 62-5 Cutting Torch - Patriot Welding Supply,LLC

        Hand-Cutting Torch Model 62-5

        This is the industry standard by which all other cutting torch designs are compared, both less expensive to own and operate while also safer to use. The 62-5E uses acetylene and alternative fuels for heavy duty applications, and the 62-5F uses an injector mixer for low-cost fuel gases like propane, natural gas, MAPP® gas and propylene to produce the hottest flame possible at the lowest gas pressure (4 oz – 2 PSIG).

      • Harris nitrogen. Regulator - Patriot Welding Supply

        25GX-500-580 HVAC Pressure Regulator

        Specifically designed for HVAC and other nitrogen pressure testing and blanketing applications.

      • Harris Cutting attachment - Patriot Welding Supply

        Handles and Cutting Attachments

        When quality matters, using Harris makes the difference.
        Included in this program are both Harris-style and Victor-style
        handles and cutting attachments.